Sleep Diagnostics

Watermark Medial continuously strives to deliver sleep diagnostic solutions that are comfortable, accessible, and effective. ARES™ Home Sleep Test and its virtual cloud-based platform support efficient workflows and comprehensive, integrated, and customizable sleep diagnostic programs.


We enable physician/dental practices, clinics, and other healthcare providers with the ability to deliver easy, clinically effective home sleep diagnostic solutions to their patient base.


We deliver direct to patient home sleep diagnostics through a licensed and accredited independent diagnostic testing facility—fast, efficient, and patient-focused.


We deliver sleep health solutions to employers, institutions, and related benefit managers, which enable them to identify at-risk groups, develop care strategies, and advance population health.

Pioneers in Home Sleep Diagnostics

Watermark Medical is a recognized leader and early pioneer of home sleep testing. Since its inception in 2008, it has built a reputation for reliability, service quality, and innovation.


Home sleep tests
performed since inception


Healthcare providers
using ARES™ testing
solutions since inception


Network of ARES™
Interpreting Sleep Physicians

Unmatched Accuracy
and Service

Our technology platform and clinical service focus ensure a higher success rate and accuracy than our competitors.



Clinical correlation to in-lab PSG test



Lowest documented failure rate keeps costs low



Tests subject to clinical review by trained sleep technicians and oversight by licensed physician

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