COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 UpdateAs the situation surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to develop, Watermark Medical’s focus on the health and safety of our staff, partners, customers and patients is our top priority. We are closely monitoring guidance from the CDC and other public health organizations and taking appropriate action to ensure we continue to provide uninterrupted technical support, as well as maintain clinical and diagnostic services for our home sleep testing clients. While most of our technical and clinical staff are working remotely, we currently maintain shipping/receiving and quality assurance services from our office to manage device maintenance and repair requirements.

A few questions regarding the coronavirus outbreak have been specifically asked about the cleaning processes of the ARES device. Our cleaning procedure (when followed as described in the ARES Product Guide) has been validated and meets agency guidelines to mitigate the transfer risk of bacteria and viruses. For our customers safety, the ARES User Guide intended to be given or reviewed with each patient, includes instructions for the patient to place the device back in the plastic bag to return to the issuing facility. Once cleaned, storing the ARES device in a new resealable plastic bag will help ensure that the ARES remains clean and ready for the next patient use. Those who clean the devices after patient use can limit their chance of exposure by proper use of gloves and frequent washing of their hands. We are monitoring guidelines from CDC and other regulatory agencies and will adjust our procedure if their recommendations change.

Physicians and Dentists

ARES™ for Physicians and Sleep Apnea Dentists

Watermark Medical understands the demands and challenges in delivering innovative patient services in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. We provide simple and efficient solutions to enable the delivery of home sleep diagnostics for your practice. We offer Home Sleep Test solutions through a secure, cloud-based, accessible platform. This platform supports and provides access to comprehensive, integrated, and fully customizable sleep diagnostic programs.

Benefits of a Watermark Medical and ARES™ Relationship

Here’s how the ARES™ platform can benefit your practice:

With our ARES™ Home Sleep Test platform and Sleep Physician Network, Watermark Medical makes it easy to deliver a comprehensive and efficient sleep diagnostic service offering for your patients.

Patient Experience:
We deliver the highest level of patient service that is easy, cost-effective, and clinically superior. Your patients are our top priority.

Improve Patient Health Outcomes:
Watermark Medical enables early detection, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations for your patients. Improved sleep health yields improved overall health outcomes for your patients.

Sleep Treatment Network:
Tap into our network of resources. All at no cost or risk to your practice, we can connect you and your patient to a therapy provider.

The Watermark Medical Patient Process


Initial patient evaluation by healthcare professional utilizing the ARES™ clinically validated sleep screening questionnaire and the ARES™ Home Sleep Test recommendation.

Home Sleep Test

Healthcare professionals can disperse the ARES™ device from the office, or Watermark Medical can deliver the ARES™ system directly to the patient. The easy to use device is worn by the patient and collects data, which is then evaluated by licensed sleep technicians who gather, analyze, and consolidate the relevant sleep data.

Sleep Analysis

Watermark Medical generates a concise sleep testing results report, which can be interpreted by a Board Certified sleep physician within the Watermark network. The ordering healthcare professional can then easily access the report via our secured cloud-based portal.

Recommended Treatment

The sleep test report includes treatment recommendations for consideration by healthcare professionals, who can determine the appropriate course of treatment based on the diagnostic results. Watermark can help facilitate the connection to qualified treatment options.

HST Solution Options

Option 1: Provider Practice Solution

Watermark Medical enables your practice to provide the ARES™ Home Sleep Testing Solution to your patient base. We facilitate the purchase of the ARES™ device and single-use test kits to your practice office and provide access to our web-based platform. Along with the necessary training and benefits of our customer service and clinical teams, your practice will have all the tools necessary to begin identifying and diagnosing patients in your practice office.

Option 2: Direct to Patient Service Solution

Watermark Medical delivers our ARES™  Home Sleep Testing Solution directly to your patients under a service agreement with your practice. We handle all the necessary diagnostic testing services on patients you identify for a home sleep test. We coordinate the testing with your patients and administer the test. Results are made available to you electronically on our secure web-based Portal. Watermark bills your practice directly based on a fixed per test fee and you retain the billing activities directly with your patient and/or the insurance company.

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Better Diagnostic Solution

Our ARES™ device is truly a revolutionary, next-generation diagnostic solution for OSA:

ARES™ is worn comfortably on the forehead and can store up to three nights of nocturnal data.

ARES™ is designed for maximum comfort and can be worn in every sleep position.

ARES™ is worn at home, so it’s easier to gather an accurate sleep and breathing profile for your patient.

This system is engineered to integrate physiological data acquired in-home with clinical history and anthropomorphic data. The ARES™ device can aid in the diagnosis of OSA giving healthcare providers all the information needed to provide their patients with an appropriate treatment plan.

Get Started with Watermark Medical Today

Our complete system offers a turn-key solution that takes the patient through testing, diagnosis, and referral to a reliable and vetted member of our vast network of therapy providers, sleep, and medical experts. This process saves physicians and sleep apnea dentists time, money, and resources while giving your patients expeditious and effective treatment.

If you would like to learn more about a Watermark Medical sleep solution, contact us today to get started.

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